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full title: Isaac Jacobs Clear Acrylic Serving Tray (11×14) with?Gold Metal?Handles, Spill-Proof, Stackable Organizer, Food & Drinks Server, Indoors/Outdoors, Lucite Storage D¨¦cor (11×14, Clear with Gold Handle)

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MULTI-PURPOSE: This Isaac Jacob Clear Acrylic Serving Tray is a multi-purpose necessity for any home and an ideal decorative companion for your ottoman and coffee table. Perfect for serving meals and snacks, arranging toiletries and cosmetics on a bathroom vanity, storing remote controls in the living room, and turning your sofa into a cozy workstation. It is a great accessory for your outdoor patio furniture and can be your go-to tray for entertaining on the deck in the spring or summer time.

CLEAR & STURDY: The 11¡±x 14¡± tray is made of Lucite making it sturdy and durable for everyday use. Whether you are serving friends appetizers, a charcuterie plate, a cup of coffee, or bowls of popcorn, this tray makes entertaining more convenient. The tray¡¯s solid metal handles remove the hassle of carrying take-out food, a pita and hummus platter, or fruit and veggies. The tray¡¯s clear design will blend in with the d¨¦cor of any room and compliment your sofa, kitchen island and bar countertop.

MULTI-USE: Not only does this versatile tray make a lovely caddy for scented candles but it can be used as a cosmetics and makeup tray, an electronic tablet holder, or a dessert-serving tray. Display your collection of bourbon glasses, storage mason jars, decorative bowls, and flower bouquets on this sharp accessory. Whether you use the tray as a chic home for vintage barware, or a cute tray to store your children¡¯s books, the possibilities are seemingly endless!

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