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full title: Quality by Esther Decorative Tray with Gold or Silver Handles. Pink Tray. Decorative Trays for Coffee Table, Bathroom Vanity Tray, Decor Tray, Serving Tray, Ottoman Tray, or Perfume Tray

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Because the ¡®Esther¡¯ Wooden Tray is available in a variety of colors with two sets of handles in silver and gold, you can match her to any decor! And thanks to her classic, clean look you can match her to any room! Choose this color (Pink), or browse through our range and find your ¡®Esther¡¯.

Why buy a tray that locks into one handle color? With Esther, you have choices, because she comes with two sets of handles (gold and silver). Easy to install with screws and screwdriver included, and let you add the finishing touch that visitors can¡¯t ignore.

If you love tray decor like we do, you always notice a place that needs one! A Bathroom Tray, Jewelry Tray, Coffee Table Tray, Candle Tray, Makeup Tray, Centerpiece Tray or Food Tray! The ideas are endless with Esther, as are the number of things you can store on your 16.5 x 12.25¡± rectangle tray.

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