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full title: Reusable Sandwich Bags Reusable Snack Bag Reusable Storage Bags Sandwich Size Freezer Baggies Silicone Sealable for Food Kids Lunch Fruit Leakproof Travel Extra Thick 6P with 8P Labels

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¡¼Durable and Leak Proof¡½These reusable storage bags are seriously durable and leak proof. Perfect for meals to go and for organizing.The seal of sandwich size bags will be not broke easily and the water will not spilled all over.Remember if you want to put these reusable sealable bag into fridge ,please push on this sandwich bag lightly and press the air out of it.

¡¼Two Size and Variety of Uses¡½Two size:3 of Snack bags&3 of Storage bags.Snack bags can be used for storage small items and Storage bags can be used for storage large items. These reusable food storage bags are perfect for storing marinated meats, fish, or chicken, etc, also good for organizing snacks, cereal, cookies, leftovers, makeup, first aid kits, office supplies.

¡¼Concept of ECO Friendliness ¡½These reusable storage bags are made of food-grade PEVA material, PVC-free, lead-free, chloride-free.Plastics convey our daily life,but they also try to damage to the environment.We are trying to cut down on our plastic usage so this-?freezer bag helps with that.These food storage bags not only will change the way you store, cook and even eat but also can save your money and save the planet.

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