STORAGEGEAR Floating Shelves w …

full title: STORAGEGEAR Floating Shelves with Triangle Modern Gold Bracket Set of 3 Wall Mounted Shelves for Home Decor Living Room , Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen STFS12

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Modern Wall Mounted White Shelves: This series of floating frame is built with modern decoration concept. It is polished by solid MDF wood and matched with special gold metal bracket, bringing you noble and luxurious household style.

Excellent Bathroom & Kitchen Shelves: This kind of white shelf can serve as bathroom shelf for use to display shampoo, skin cream decorates exquisite, fashionable, high, elegant. It can also be used to put seasoning bottles, coffee capsules in the kitchen wall.

Different Assembly styles wall shelves: The unique triangle design provides two unique forms of display. Install these shelves on top or under the brackets, whatever suits your taste. Choose your favorite way to display shelves and match your decorations.

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