boweiwj Stainless Steel Towel …

full title: boweiwj Stainless Steel Towel Tray Storage Tray Tray Dish Plate Tea Tray Fruit Trays Cosmetics Jewelry Organizer Gold Oval Tray 9in

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Stainless Steel Tray:Made of stainless steel with soft brass finish Sparkling decorative tray. Stainless Steel Tray size : 9 x 3.8×0.5 inch ? 5.7oz ?Color: Gold ? Gold Stainless Steel Tray :Beautiful curves create a contemporary look to suit any bathroom.Perfectly sized to fit even tight-spaced bathrooms. For Gold Stainless Steel Tray Tips: not hard to clean, so as not to scratch the surface

Gold Stainless Steel Tray process: mirror electroplating

Stainless Steel Tray Size: 9 x 3.8 x 0.5 (L x W x H)inches. Weight : 5.7 oz

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