Dark Blue Gold Rose Trimmed in …

full title: Dark Blue Gold Rose Trimmed in 24K

sold by APEL Worldwide dba ArtTownGifts.com

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Dark Blue Gold Trimmed Rose – A real rose is dipped in lacquer and trimmed in 24 karat gold. These Blue Gold Dipped Roses are created through a hand process so each is unique just like in nature! Real roses are hand picked then treated through a special electrode-plating process to preserve their natural beauty so you can see their color. Each rose is individually dipped in lacquer and trimmed in 24kt gold. So instead of giving a floral gift that will fade with time now you can give a gift that will last a life time. Your rose will come in a gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity. Lacquer Dipped Gold Trim Blue Roses measure between 11 and 12 inches.

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